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An anonymous discussion among Christians concerning various aspects of modesty. Vera Modest Dress in Red Velvet. In films, very brief nudity was accepted. Check to make sure your skirts and dresses cannot be seen through with back lighting.

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Modesty, sometimes known as demureness, is a mode of dress and deportment which intends to avoid the encouraging of sexual attraction in others. The word
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In some societies, modesty may involve women covering their bodies completely and not talking to men who are not immediate family members; in others, a fairly revealing but one-piece bathing costume is considered modest when other women wear bikinis.

In some countries, exposure of the body in breach of community standards of modesty is also considered to be public indecency, and public nudity is generally illegal in most of the world and regarded as indecent exposure. For example, Stephen Gough a lone man attempting to walk naked from south to north Britain was repeatedly imprisoned. In semi-public contexts standards of modesty vary.

Nudity may be acceptable in public single-sex changing rooms at swimming baths , for example, or for mass medical examination of men for military service. In private, standards again depend upon the circumstances. A person who would never disrobe in the presence of a physician of the opposite sex in a social context might unquestioningly do so for a medical examination; others might allow examination, but only by a person of the same sex.

Standards of modesty discourage or forbid exposure of parts of the body , varying between societies, which may include areas of skin , the hair , undergarments , and intimate parts. The standards may also require obscuring the shape of the body or parts of it by wearing non- form-fitting clothing. There are also customs regarding the changing of clothes such as on a beach with no enclosed facilities , and the closing or locking of the door when changing or taking a shower.

Standards of modesty vary by culture or generation and vary depending on who is exposed, which parts of the body are exposed, the duration of the exposure, the context, and other variables. The categories of persons who could see another's body could include:. The context would include matters such as whether it is in one's own home, at another family member's home, at a friend's home, at a semi-public place, at a beach , swimming pool including whether such venues are considered clothes-optional , changing rooms or other public places.

For instance, wearing a bathing suit at the beach would not be considered immodest, while it likely would be in a street or an office.

Excessive modesty is called prudishness. As a medical condition, it is also called gymnophobia. At times of public or private emergency , expectations of modest dress may be suspended if necessary.

For example, during suspected anthrax attacks in and in the United States , groups of people had to strip to their underwear in tents set up in parking lots and other public places for hosing down by fire departments.

Most discussion of modesty involves clothing. The criteria for acceptable modesty and decency have relaxed continuously in much of the world since the nineteenth century, with shorter , form-fitting , and more revealing clothing and swimsuits , more for women than men.

Most people wear clothes that they consider not to be unacceptably immodest for their religion, culture, generation, occasion, and the people present. Some wear clothes which they consider immodest, due to exhibitionism , the desire to create an erotic impact, or for publicity.

Appropriate modesty depends on context and place. For example, in single-sex public changing rooms , nudity is often acceptable. In Western and some other societies, there are differences of opinion as to how much body exposure is acceptable in public.

Women's swimsuits and bikinis commonly may reveal the tops and sides of the breasts, or they may be topless as is common on the beaches of French Riviera. Displaying cleavage is considered permissible in many settings, and is even a sign of elegance and sophistication on many formal social occasions, but it may be considered inappropriate in settings such as workplaces, churches and schools. Showing the nipples or areolae is almost always considered toplessness or partial nudity.

However, in some circumstances partial breast exposure may be officially sanctioned in church as in , newly elected Pope Francis drew world-wide commentary when he encouraged mothers to breastfeed in church if their babies were hungry.

In private homes, the standards of modesty apply selectively. For instance, nudity among close family members in the home can take place, especially in the bedroom and bathroom , and wearing of undergarments only in the home is common. In many cultures it is not acceptable to bare the buttocks in public; deliberately doing so is sometimes intended as an insult.

In public , Western standards of decency expect people to cover their genitalia , and women to cover their breasts. In the early twenty-first century, public breastfeeding has become increasingly acceptable, sometimes protected by law. Men and women are subject to different standards of modesty in dress.

While both men and women, in Western culture, are generally expected to keep their genitals covered at all times, women are also expected to keep their breasts covered. Some body parts are normally more covered by men than women—e. Organizations such as the Topfree Equal Rights Association advocate for gender equality regarding display of the body. In New York State's highest court accepted 14th Amendment arguments and struck down the provision in New York's Exposure of the Person statute that made it illegal for women to bare their chests where men were permitted to do so.

Traditional indigenous cultures, such as some African and traditional Australian aboriginal cultures, are more relaxed on issues of clothing, though how much clothing is expected varies greatly, from nothing for some women, to everything except the glans penis for men of some tribes.

In some African cultures, body painting is considered to be body coverage, and is considered by many an attire. Modesty doesn't have to be related to having more clothes especially in the case of natives tribes. Some feel exposed when seen in certain clothes even though normal attire is much more revealing. Having ear or lip stoppers is seen as modest with the opposite being true as well. Most world religions have sought to address the moral issues that arise from people's sexuality in society and in human interactions.

Each major religion has developed moral codes covering issues of sexuality, morality, ethics etc. Besides other aspects of sexuality, these moral codes seek to regulate the situations which can give rise to sexual interest and to influence people's behaviour and practices which could arouse such interest, or which overstate a person's sexuality. These religious codes have always had a strong influence on peoples' attitudes to issues of modesty in dress, behavior, speech etc.

Modesty in dress is important in Buddhism. The Sekhiya rules of Buddhist Monastic code, for example, provide guidelines on proper clothing as well as recommended ways of dressing for monks. The 'robes hitched up' phrase above refers to lifting one's 1 or 2 piece cloth robe, thereby exposing either side or both sides of one's body to other human beings in an inhabited area.

Such exhibitionism is not recommended to monks. Beyond monks, the Buddhist belief is that modesty has a purifying quality to everyone. According to the New Testament, 1 Peter 3: Many Trinitarian Christians consider modesty extremely important, [18] though considerable differences of opinion exist about its requirements and purposes.

Historically, communicants of traditional Christian denominations including Anglican , [20] Baptist , [21] Eastern Orthodox , [22] Lutheran , [23] Methodist , [24] Oriental Orthodox , [25] Reformed , [26] and Roman Catholic women [27] wore a Christian headcovering while worshipping, or, all the time, in keeping with their interpretation of 1 Corinthians Many Anabaptist Christians, such as Amish groups and some Mennonite groups like Conservative Mennonites , are known for their adherence to plain dress , a modest fashion style.

The Hutterites and the Bruderhof , both Christian intentional communities of the Anabaptist tradition, wear modest clothing often plain dress , and the women wear Christian headcoverings. Catholics are expected to dress modestly; it is recognised that the forms taken by modesty vary from one culture to another.

But from time to time the Church hierarchy, and some popes, have given opinions on various matters; although these guidelines are not binding, they are often followed. Some Catholics have attempted to form cohesive theories of modesty.

Sometimes this is from a sociological perspective, [35] while at other times it takes a more systematic, Thomistic approach, combined with the writings of the Church Fathers. Around , it became fashionable for dresses to be worn with a modest round or V-shaped neckline. In the German Empire , for example, all Roman Catholic bishops joined in issuing a pastoral letter attacking the new fashions. The Catholic Legion of Decency has been active from in monitoring morally objectionable content in films.

It has condemned a number of films including several on account of the clothing worn. Methodists belonging to the conservative holiness movement , such as the Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Connection and Evangelical Wesleyan Church , have guidelines on modest apparel, in accordance with the Wesleyan-Arminian doctrine of outward holiness. We require our women to appear in public with dresses of modest length, sleeves of modest length, modest necklines and modest hose; the wearing of split skirts, slacks, jeans, artificial flowers or feathers is forbidden.

Moreover, we require our men to conform to the scriptural standards of decent and modest attire; we require that when they appear in public they wear shirts with sleeves of modest length. We require that all our people appear in public with sleeves below the elbows.

Women's hemlines are to be modestly below the knees. Our people are forbidden to appear in public with transparent or immodest apparel, including shorts or bathing suits. Parents are required to dress their children modestly in conformity with our general principles of Christian attire. We further prohibit our people from participating in the practices of body-piercing, tattooing or body art. Conservative Friends and Holiness-Orthodox Friends , two associations of Quaker Christians, wear plain dress as part of their testimony of simplicity.

Clothing such as "short shorts and short skirts, shirts that do not cover the stomach, and clothing that does not cover the shoulders or is low-cut in the front or the back" [44] are discouraged.

Men and women are also encouraged to avoid extremes in clothing or hairstyles. Rules on modesty also include women being asked to wear no more than one pair of earrings. Most LDS members do not wear sleeveless shirts or shorts that do not reach the knee. The church-funded university, Brigham Young University BYU , requires students and tenants of BYU housing to sign an agreement to live according to these standards of modesty. The premise and concepts of modesty have evolved under Hinduism.

During Vedic times, [46] both women and men wore at least two pieces of draped dress that was largely undifferentiated, voluntary and flexible. Stitched clothes such as skirts and bodices were also common in the Vedic period.

However, modesty was not determined by the precepts of religion, but by local traditions, social codes, profession, circumstances and occasion.

The multiple pieces of draped dress for women evolved into a single length of draped cloth among Indian Hindus, now called sari ; [46] but remained two or more pieces in Southeast Asian Hindus. For men, the draped dress reduced to one piece now called by various names such as dhoti , lungi , pancha , laacha and other names among Indian Hindus, and kamben among Balinese Hindu.

The canons of modesty for Hindus in South Asia underwent significant changes with the arrival of Islam in the 12th century. The Islamic rulers imposed a dress code in public places for Hindu dhimmis , per their Islamic mores of modesty.

In the early 18th century, Tryambakayajvan—a court official in south central India—issued an edict called Stridharmapaddhati. The ruling outlined required dress code for orthodox Hindus in that region. The concept of modesty evolved again during colonial times when the British administration required Indians to wear dresses to help identify and segregate the local native populations.

Bernard Cohn, [49] and others [50] remark that dress during colonial era became part of a wider issue in India about respect, honor and modesty, with the dress code intentionally aimed by the administration to reflect the nature of relationship between the British ruler and the Indian ruled.

The British colonial empire, encouraged and sometimes required Indians to dress in an 'oriental manner', to help define and enforce a sense of modesty, identify roles and a person's relative social status.

Inside most Hindu temples, there is an expectation of modesty rather than sexual allurement. Men and women typically wear traditional dress during religious ceremonies and rituals in a temple, with women wearing sari or regional Indian dress.

Hindus have diverse views on modesty, with significant regional and local variations. Among orthodox Hindu populations, sexually revealing dress or any sexual behavior in public or before strangers is considered immodest, particularly in rural areas.

In contrast, the dress of deities and other symbolism in Hindu temples, [55] the discussion of dress and eroticism in ancient Hindu literature, [56] [57] and art works of Hinduism [58] can be explicit, celebrating eroticism and human sexuality. In general, a disregard of modesty can be confusing or distressing, in particular to traditional Hindu women.

Even in health care context, some Hindu women may express reluctance to undress for examination. If undressing is necessary, the patient may prefer to be treated by a doctor or nurse of the same sex. Islam has strongly emphasized the concept of decency and modesty. In many authentic hadiths , it has been quoted that "modesty is a part of faith". Dress code is part of that overall teaching. Say to your wives, your daughters, and the women of the believers that: Jalabib is an Arabic word meaning "loose outer garment".

In some Muslim societies, women wear the niqab , a veil that covers the whole face except the eyes, or the full burqa , a full-body covering garment that occasionally does cover the eyes. Wearing these garments is common in some, but not all, countries with a predominantly Muslim population. Though by some scholars these expressions of modesty are interpreted as mandatory, most countries do not enforce modesty by law. However, a few countries, such as Saudi Arabia , Afghanistan and Iran, enforce specified standards of dress for women.

That is purer for them. Another possibility is to get up early to cook dinner. Then just reheat it later. You could even cook it the night before. Be sure to refrigerate in properly though. Clean in the morning and the late afternoon, or after dinner, as much as in possible. Wear loose, breathable clothing then if at no other time! Wear you hair up. It is amazing how much cooler you feel just getting your hair off your neck.

Find a style that is easy and suitable to you, and that your husband likes. Not all of you will need this section, since some of you live in warm enough climates to not need much care in this matter.

For those of us who live where it can get cold, and even bitter cold, this is essential! First of all, based on the verse above, it is apparent that red clothes are warmer for cold weather than other colors.

Though we have no "scientific evidence" at this time, I am sure that this is true because Bible science is always more reliable than man's science. For outdoor wear invest in a long wool or down filled coat, and I do mean long!

Shorter coats will leave you with too much area exposed between the hem of the coat and the tops of your boots. This can be very chilling. This goes for little girls too, and perhaps more so since they have less bulk to their bodies and can be chilled quicker.

Unless you can afford to buy such coats new, look for them at second hand stores and yard sales. The only thing wrong with it was a short split in the back seam. Since the lining was not sewed in at the bottom this was very easy to mend and could have even been done by hand.

Since it was a seam, the mend did not show at all. Next, for outdoor wear invest in a good pair of boots. Get the best you can really afford that are warm, comfortable and have a low sensible heel and good tread for walking in snow. Again, look for second hand, especially for kids since they do not wear theirs out before growing out of them sometimes. Also, try to get good warm gloves, scarves, etc.

In very cold climates mittens are preferable since gloves separate the fingers and allow them to get colder. Mittens keep fingers together and conserve heat. This is especially important for small children. In "Keeper At Home" fall one lady says that she found knee length snuggies from: Kidron, OH Phone: They have a catalog for mail shopping. These would be helpful, being longer than the typical midsize length.

With knee-high wool socks and boots, this would be quite good. In the same magazine another lady recommends wearing ordinary knit cotton leggings under your skirts, along with wool socks and leather ankle boots. With a long skirt or dress the leggings will hardly be noticeable with even short wool socks. As she points out, keeping your feet warm is half the battle in staying warm. The leggings can be bought in stores or yard sales or online.

If you have a problem with wearing the sort that is sold in the stores, you may wish to try making your own.

This may be advisable anyway, as you can then use heavier fabric for winter wear, such as flannel. A pattern for knee length pantaloons open at knee or bloomers closed at the knee may be purchased through the catalog: Box 56 Bradford OH You can also order these patterns from: These would be handy made up in a light fabric for summer wear in areas that have high winds, or for other modesty purposes.

Another item to add to your wardrobe for warmth is a flannel slip or petticoat. If it is unpleasant to wear due to its' "stickiness" reserve it for really cold days or outside work and wear it over a slip of a smoother surface. Two slips under your dress or 2 skirts is an option for cold weather that can add that needed warmth anyway. In extremely cold areas you might consider another useful fashion of yesteryear - quilted petticoats and pantaloons.

They used carded wool in the old days for the batting, but you could use a thin cotton batting for this. Synthetic batting may cause sweat which is highly undesirable. In very cold weather you need something that breaths so you do not get wet under your clothes!

A lady living in bush Alaska recommends some of these same things, and emphasizes that long, loose dresses are easier to sit and move in and should be made larger than needed. This is good advice since layering clothes adds size! She also recommends arctic or polar fleece for blocking wind and for keeping warm. She points out that leggings made from these "would be fairly lightweight and very warm for most outdoor activity in cold weather. This same lady also advises that she uses machine or hand quilting thread when machine sewing heavy fabrics.

Now this next advice may sound strange, but it is for the benefit for the extra thin people. If you keep yourself or are naturally very thin, you might want to try putting on a few extra pounds. Please understand that this is not wholesale advice to gain weight and go hog wild!!

Fat is a natural insulator. Also, try eating more meat and protein and less carbohydrates. There was a good reason why the Alaskan natives could get away with living on whale blubber without turning into huge fatties.

They burned it off. Carbohydrates also tend to make you sleepy, which in turn makes you lethargic and so you do not burn off what you eat. Another dietary item that helps you warm up is cayenne pepper. If you do not care for hot food, try the capsules. This is especially good if you suffer from poor circulation.


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