I guess, all I'm asking is a second chance to redeem myself from all that disappointment that I caused. I just hope that you guys will again let me work for you and start all over again.

Sophia Sophia spreads her legs in the dining room - 4th March

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January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Swimsuit competition , Male models in briefs and trunks. A female in lingerie consisting of bra and panty , the basic items of women's undergarments. Retrieved 3 April Go Braless With Big Boobs". Retrieved 24 June Retrieved 23 May Archived from the original on 13 March Retrieved 30 July Why men's smalls have always been a subject of concern".

The scraps of lace found in a castle vault Mail Online". The Jane Austen Centre. Retrieved 7 April Archived from the original on 24 November The New York Times. Retrieved 17 October As Seen in Vogue: Texas Tech University Press. The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again. Burston, Paul and Colin Richardson editors.

Lesbians, Gay Men and Popular Culture. Routledge , July 26, Garter Knee highs Pantyhose Stocking. List of lingerie brands. Long underwear long johns Union suit. Boilersuit Cleanroom suit Hazmat suit Space suit Scrubs. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 4 October , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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So I would say that saying disabled people should find another restroom is going to far, because that can actually cause health problems. If, what I suspect was more likely the case, him being a few more feet away from mom makes HER uncomfortable, then that is something she should deal with. A year or so ago I was at a rest area off an interstate highway. She was obviously traveling alone with the boy and sent him into the bathroom on his own. The boy was a little pokey as he was trying to wash his hands, but was managing otherwise.

As I exited the bathroom I assured the women he was doing fine. She was obviously quite nervous about the whole situation, and to an extent I understood. But from what I could see she was handling the situation quite well. She let the boy go by himself, but was within earshot of a call for help. You will always find people who are helping. Just a small request to Lenore can you put in article how old junior high is approximately for all us non American readers.

Seems around 12 judging from comments? Not sure about the tourist thing I would think as tourist you would do what you do normally and boy less likely to be hiding face if a tourist, and if normally goes on own less likely to be so compliant. When I was in public school, it was K-8 later changed to JK-8 , so that meant that thirteen-and-fourteen-year-olds were being held to the same rules as four-and-five-year-olds.

The day I graduated from that school was a very good day. I work at a daycare center. Our three year olds can often go alone, if potty trained. I have a 7 year old son who has been going alone since he was As far as safety I think the main thing is to teach your child to leave immediately if something makes them feel uncomfortable. My older brother was abused by a group of older boys in a public restroom once so it does happen. We live in a quiet part of a quiet country.

I used to keep a few in my purse when my son was little. Otherwise, the only way it makes sense is if he has a lot of special needs. I guess some people would gasp at the mere thought of doing that, though. Urinals aside, guys still come out of the stalls doing up their pants and belts.

It avoids embarassing situations, and is a matter of respect. Is all I am saying. Naturally, I think that this is wrong on many levels, and I think it might even be a mild form of child abuse. At what point does that young man end up on the sex offender registry?

I asked someone how old they were when I was reading this article. My son is 5 and has been going on his own to public restrooms for a while.

LOL, cannot count the number of times a mom has asked me to light a fire under her son, on my way in. Or for an update on my way out. Come to think of it, lucky I never got arrested for being a perv, hanging out by the ladies room. Not that common sense ever stopped lawmakers from passing ridiculous laws, of course.

There are still private stalls. A locker room at a pool or gym would be a different story as I do get undressed out in the open there. I remember being at my daughters primary school family quizz night. There were about people in the school hall. The toilets were located in the same building, but you needed to walk through another door. All exit doors were locked except the main one, which went straight into the hall, so no-one could arrive or leave without being witnessed.

One 8 year boy came up to his mum, who was at the same table as me, telling her he needed to go to the toilet. The Mum then spoke to the dad to escort their son, which ended up in an argument. I must admit some of the men around her, gave her a dirty look. The part I did find funny was while the parents were arguing, the boy went to the toilet by himself, came back and went on playing with his friends before the argument finished. I have never seen this, but I would say something to that mom about how gross it was for ME to have to share a bathroom with her random son.

Us girls like to keep our bathrooms clean too, no teenage boys allowed. I highly recommend it. I would imagine year-olds use the public restrooms at school, right? At any rate, we ran into an awkward situation one afternoon while we were having lunch with a friend, whose daughter is the same age as my now 7-year-old son.

We were eating in the outdoor seating area of a restaurant and my son told me he needed to go—so I sent him on his way back inside the restaurant. Unfortunately I have seen this situation at least 3 times in the last 6 months this very situation.

The worst was when I was with my girls 11 and 6 and a mother brought her son into the ladies. He did not even have to go and just stood by the sinks he could have clearly waited by the door outside. I was so annoyed I said something to her. My girls were uncomfortable and embarrassed. The boy was clearly embarrassed and normal not special needs. I remember that contraband use to be things like cigarettes. Nowadays some parents contraband self esteem.

They want to make certain that their children never get any for safety sake. Wow, if I had witnessed this I would have made the assumption that maybe the boy was physically or mentally challenged. I am making a point about the stupidity of the situation.

On the one hand a 13 year old is a target for pervs, on the other he is a perv. My son started using public washrooms solo at age 5 and my daughter was 4 always trying to keep up to her older brother! The dilemma we face now is using public change rooms at the local pool. Our town rules are that children 6 and under can be in opposite gender change rooms. I work as a pastor for children and youth at a medium sized mainline church. He also goes to the bathroom by himself. And her son is very mature for his age in terms of his behavior.

I have also received comments from older members thanking me for letting me child talk to them. It seems as though a culture of fear was developing within the church, thanks to the child protection rules, and no one would allow their children to talk to older members of the church. Thanks Lenore for what you do. My nephew is 5. We were in a small kolache shop with 1 user bathrooms. A man was going into the bathrooms and rescued B. I had heard the screaming, and headed in to get the door open. We were at the museum with a group of cousins.

A lady turned and asked us you letting them go in there by themselves. Seriously — If someone tried something the boys would rip that person up. My son is four soon to be five. I usually give him a choice to go with me or by himself. This is totally off-topic but this is an opportunity to share what my daughter and I go through with a group of parents who I believe will be open-minded.

I have to take these opportunities to hopefully make the world a more understanding one for my daughter. My children, two daughters aged 5 and 7, are being raised free-range. However, I do have to go into the bathroom with my 7-year-old because she dresses and presents as a boy. I mean that no one we meet ever knows she is a girl until we tell them so.

When I realized he was not, then yes, the mother in this story has worked herself into a ridiculous panic.

I have 3 kids, an almost 7yo son, a 5yo daughter and an almost 3yo son. When at a swimming pool or McDonalds etc I will let my kids go on their own while I sit with the food. I even let them go play while I order. You would think this is bad. I recently heard a story about a crazy mother who called her newlywed daughter-in-law to ask her to make sure that her year old son was wiping his butt properly.

Through the air vents? Most of the washrooms I know have only one exit and the parent can stand outside and watch it. Not doing their kids any favours. Does it really matter who poops with whom? She uses familiar park restrooms alone now. She will sometimes use a restroom alone in a familiar restaurant as long as I walk to the door of the restroom with her. When I was 9, my grandmother took my brother, age 7, and I on a trip to the zoo.

We had to pee into a coffee can in the car because of her fear of public bathrooms. A year later, she took us to visit our cousin in another state. She made all 4 of us two girls age 10 and one boy age 8 and our grandmother somehow cram into one non-handcap-accesible bathroom stall to pee. It was humiliating and horrible.

She was very, very afraid that someone would molest or kidnap us in the bathroom. Meanwhile, our own father was exposing himself to us and beating us until our backs bled. I have wondered if her irrational fear of strangers in the bathroom was some way to stop worrying about what her own family members were doing to us.

If you worry enough about something that will never happen, you might not have the energy to think about wrongs that you should actually do something about. I have to agree with Warren here on the special needs issue. I have great empathy for those dealing with special needs but at some age, around puberty, males in the ladies room start making many women uncomfortable, regardless of disability.

If I were at the mall shopping with our youngest daughter, 13, and she went into the public restroom, and I then saw this boy going in, what would I do?

First look for a security guard. Not finding one immediately, I would have gone in and dragged him out. Instinct kicks in, and I admit it. From a distance, not knowing he was going in with his Mom, I would react. Then who is in trouble. My daughter goes to school with a boy whose mother is over protective of her son. Sounds like the Mum in this story. My daughter has a nick name for the boy and Mum at her school. She calls the boy Raymond and the Mum Marie.

I guess if we want to see what the future will be for that boy is to watch reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond. Can you imagine what would have happened if this was a matter of a Father dragging his daughter into the toilet? I can see Police called, the bloke being listed as a sex offender and more.

Is this something that happens more than one in 10, restroom visits? Last summer we were in Chicago and a brand new Target had opened up downtown. In we went, the place was a madhouse and I had to go to the bathroom. Of course, there was a huge line. My son, age 10 at the time, just sat on a bench outside the bathroom and waited for me to finish. He was alone in downtown Chicago, waiting for me. He had no phone. This was his first time in Chicago.

Neither of us had any concerns about him waiting for me by himself in a store. The line was so long I was gone about 20 minutes and he had to fend for himself. There was absolutely no problem. Yeah, he had to use the bathroom.

He asked me if I knew where it was, I said I did not and he should go ask someone. He got up, asked someone where the bathroom was, and he went to the bathroom. Out of my sight, in a big city. My 5 year old son goes to the public bathroom alone all the time. Not only has he never not come out of the bathroom completely fine, but probably 2 out of 5 times I send him back in to wash his hands he is a boy. But that is rare. She is usually perfectly capable of using the bathroom in her own stall alone.

No need to cram into a dirty stall together. Charles — there is nothing to fear for a half-grown boy going into a restroom alone, under normal circumstances. Warren, what are you reacting to? Have you not raised your daughter to protect herself? Have you never walked into the wrong restroom by mistake?

I have and it makes a heck of a funny story to tell later. If my son wanders into the wrong restroom and you drag him out, you are making an ass of yourself and humiliating the boy…because your imagination went out of control. I agree with Warren, Donna, and Pentamom. Nothing ever went wrong, except for me having to rush through and meet him on the other end, and walk back to my building with frozen hair in the winter. Anyway, at one point, one boy started mouthing the gutter water at the side of the pool, and then spitting it back out into the gutter.

We also had three counsellors, who were in single beds in the corners. Anyway, back to my main point—yes, children, older people, and people with disabilities should be more than welcome to interact with the world, shop at the mall, swim at the YMCA, attend summer camp, etc.

Charles I think 2 is an embarrassment issue, not a risk of molestation issue except with Warren. Not that I really understand that either. Yes, if the child was able to be restrained from doing that without causing bigger issues, he should have been. Maybe being there in that situation without making some kind of huge scene represented progress for him. But how is it more of a health issue than people swimming in the pool and getting the water in their mouths, and then spitting it back out, which is happening every second of every day?

People who think that they can violate widely accepted limits that other people feel obligated to respect for their own reasons, and not even marginally GOOD reasons, are creating a problem. The culture as a whole picks them. Are many parents really that selfish and self-centered? An auto response just like breathing. And as Lenore said, when they finally bring themselves to overcoming their fears, they realize there really was no fear to be had.

You have to ask yourself, what is more important, my feelings, or the future of my child? I have to say, I come across many pauses when I ask this question.

I remember up until the age of 7 or 8, my dad would take me with him to use public washrooms. My mom, never came in after me, never made an issue when I came out.

The only thing she made sure of was that I washed my hands. However, I do take issue with the idea expressed by the several here that basically woman should not care if a male is in the ladies room if he is disabled.

Why should the other women be uncomfortable so that you can be more comfortable? As for why women are uncomfortable with strange men in the bathroom, it is predominantly cultural norms. But you have to live within cultural norms whether you are disabled or not and whether you like them or not. The culture surrounding bathroom privacy is not going to change because you gave birth to an autistic child. In fact, even if we all believed that bathroom sex segregation is wrong, it will take several generations before people are truly comfortable in multisex public bathroom.

Am I embarrassed if a strange woman opens the door because the latch is broken? Would I be more embarrassed if it were a man? If I go to a high-traffic public place shopping mall, library, bus station, etc.

However, I think the current culture of antibacterial everything, and kids going to school with little bottles of hand sanitizer on lanyards, is excessive.

Ok to the one that responded with, have you never gone into the wrong bathroom……….. As for dragging him out. Very simple, do you think it would be better to stand in there and hold a conversation with him, or remove him. And for the record, no I do not need to protect my daughters from attack, as they are a couple of tough chicks.

But when they and other ladies will be in their stalls, unaware of this guys presence, it is my duty to be the gentleman and find out what is going on. I never said I was going to hurt him, just remove him. Oh and just for the record. I wouldn not be dragging his sorry butt out, because I think he might do something wrong. I would be doing it because he already has done something wrong. You all need to stop being so sensitive. To see a male hanging out in front of a female restroom and calling the cops, would be over reacting.

To see one enter, and going to get him out is not. What I envisioned was just a place where the water slopped into to keep it from overflowing, but there was nothing to stop it slopping right back into the pool, and vice versa. It was one of the first posts, then echoed by several others.

Pentamom—The pool at our YMCA has jets and filters inside the pool, but it also has metal grates in the gutters that are meant to drain away the dirty runoff water.

I wish you could come do a workshop in my neighborhood. In our old neighborhood my daughter would run from house to house with a group of kids. It started when she was 4 almost 5. They came over to our house to play, then wanted to go somewhere else so I let her go too.

I reminded her to look both ways and asked the other kids to keep an eye on her at first. Elayna is 6 now and this weekend she walked down by herself to play with a 9 year old friend. At 9 I was riding to the library, pool, and grocery by myself-sometimes up to a mile away. A woman saw him in there and beat the crap out of him. Maybe it was more than one woman. There was a big uproar because the poor transsexual person was subjected to so much cruelty and discrimination.

And asking a man to assist the teenager would be very awkward for both parties involved. Obviously if there is a choice to use a family restroom or a private one, MOST caregivers of special needs individuals would choose those in a heartbeat.

We should show them compassion and not be upset that our own comfort levels are disturbed. So if we can think of them as a 2, 3, or 4 year old in a large body, maybe we can learn to be more understanding. I would hope I would run across compassionate individuals that would be understanding.

I was picturing our own Y pool and wondering what you meant. Chronological age determines physical and hormonal sexual maturity not mental age.

A mentally challenged 16 year old boy has some, if not all, of the sexual responses and urges of other 16 year old boys, even if mentally only 2. However, we are talking about a cultural norm that women are uncomfortable being in states of undress in the presence of unknown males who have reached some level of sexual maturity. Wrong or right, it is the culture we live in.

Sexual maturity is sexual maturity, whether you have the mind of a 3 year old or the mind of a 16 year old. So again, what choice does she have? Let him soil his pants? What would you do if you had a teenage son in this situation? Because you seem to be saying that no matter what she chooses, outside of finding a private restroom, which is not always feasible , she would be making a wrong choice. What is the solution? Donna — And I would think women in private stalls behind closed doors would be more comfortable with a special needs teen boy in their restroom than men out in the open with a woman without special needs coming in to assist her special needs teenage son.

Would you not agree? I could be wrong. But if they do walk around with parts showing, then I guess I could see your argument. I would definitely be uncomfortable with a lady coming in with a special needs teenage son. Rachel — I disagree. Rational or not, in general, women seem to be more modest than men about the bathroom. I know no women who do the same and many who complain about their male significant other just walking in and doing their business while they are in the bathroom.

And honestly, I think the comfort of the person who needs to use the restroom is the overriding concern. Which room do THEY want to go in? At least one person should be comfortable and it should be the person peeing. But none of this seems to take their feelings into account. David — In general they do. Or when the gaps between the door and the wall are 2 inches big.

Or when they want to show their friend their new butt tattoo went into the bathroom where that was occurring once. Why exactly the deference to always taking him into the ladies room? It seems simple to me. The people in that bathroom should show some compassion and be considerate and modest. People should not have to make accommodations endlessly for insubstantial reasons. Sorry that logic makes no sense. The embarrasment and shame most people drill into kids is why they now start sex ed in Kindergarten.

Women go topless here. There are nude beaches. However, can we please, for the love of reason, stop making it harder for men to be equal parents? A lot of younger kids have fears of public bathrooms the noise of the toilets, the automatic toilets, or the driers. If someone needs to assist someone in the bathroom, regardless or age or potential nakedness, can we please let them do it without the shame?

One of my proudest moments as a father came a few months ago when I was taking my two-year-old girl to the restroom in a crowded restaurant. I waited a few minutes, and out she flew, drying her hands on her shirt.

A woman came out behind her and said she had snaked her way to an open stall, peed, and washed her hands, all on her own.

Score one for self-reliance! Let Her Eat Dirt http: Luckily, I only lived at iHouse proper for two weeks, then a week in a motel-type setup, before the postgraduate house with normal, single, residential-type bathrooms was cleared for move-in. For example, on one occasion, I witnessed a girl giving a guy friend a haircut in one of the co-ed bathrooms. It also made a lot of sense for things like Halloween, or spirit days involving body paint, etc……..

I think it would have made more sense to either make iHouse co-ed by floor rather than by room so, have all-male and all-female floors , or make certain floors single-gender, and reserve a few other floors as co-ed, for people who really wanted it. As a society we have a responsiblity to help and accomodate those with special needs.

I really do not object with them being there. I do object with the lack of respect that alot of these caregivers show. They will walk in like they own the place. For some reason they feel it is beneath them to announce they are coming in. Those are the ones I have a problem with. It all goes back to this sense of entitlement that so many people have. And it is wrong. Ok, I apparently tried to say what I was saying wrong.

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