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Anika Raut September 19, at I am quite anti-pleat! In the 17th and 18th centuries, sailors wore baggy trousers known as galligaskins. Pantaloons became fashionable in early 19th-century England and the Regency era.

Pleated pants are the most common suit pant. Although slimmer men generally should not wear pleated pants, it is okay when worn as a suit. The suit jacket will cover up any of the extra fabric or bunching created when a slender man wears pleated pants.
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Bring your wardrobe up to the moment with these women's plus pleated gaucho pants by Jaclyn shopnow-vjpmehag.cfeight and breezy, with a loose wide leg, these cropped pants offer carefree comfort you'll love from season to season.

Also you should leave your pants cuff free, since they do not need extra weight at the bottom. Slimmer men can wear cuffs on their pants only if the pants are from heavier fabric.

Tweed or such, which is worn in winter cold days. In this way the pants will drape better. If you are a larger modern man you should avoid flat front since it will be too tight for you and they will feel uncomfortable.

Flat front pants will also emphasize your belly. If you are somewhere in the middle, neither big, neither slim, you should try both options and see how they feel. Sit down in them, walk around, stand up and be sure they are comfortable in every situation. I find pleated pants are much more comfortable than flat-fronted pants and chose pleated whenever I can sadly stores seem to push flat-fronts.

That is why traditional pants were pleated and modern pants are flat-fronted, it is part of the feminization of men. Flat-fronted pants are for women. When I first started it was flat front. I came in with a flat and asked the salesman if he had anymore and he chuckled that if he had a flat, he would sell it to me at a steep discount to get it off the rack. I kept wearing my pleats. Some guys pants were so tight with the flat style it was uncomfortable to sit for long periods they told me.

I have stayed with my pleated suits. I do have some flat dress pants that do have some room in them. Pleats will be back soon. I just like a man in pleated pants…my husband looks slimmer in that style.

Even though he is not tall, and he has some extra pounds on him, they suit him well. I visited another site recently and scooped up a bunch in a size 42 waist. There are some exceptions, but the guy who tries to claim he needs the extra room of pleats for his jewels and that flats are another sign of feminization… Just has issues…lol? However, due to the recession, my industry failed and I retreated to a side-skill, which is cabinet-making, picture framing and carpentry, which was a jeans and t-shirt job every day.

Equally, it was tiring work for a healthy but 51 year old man. Now, with the economy much better, I am trying to re-enter the corporate world. But the question remains: Now, progressing through the 2nd Decade of the 21st Century, I am in the process of reevaluating my wardrobe.

Starting from scratch and buying less expensive suits or altering the dynamite collection that I already own? I am sure that there are thousands of middle aged men like me with a closet full of expensive suits. I spent a life time and a fortune building a wardrobe for an extremely high level of corporate success.

It benefited me greatly from to The then entire business strata collapsed. I know I must be blathering, but I know many men in my situation. So again the question: Pleats and cuffs or flat fronts and straight legs? I loved all those suits. I see in 10 mos no one has answered KB. We are the same age so I think I can help. You will look dated. Pleats are OK, but not the rage. I like single pleats with cuffs. But, double cuffs can look dated.

Try flat front, but no cuffs. Rip out the seams holding the pleats in place. This is what it should look like. Notice how the front side of the pocket is completely unattached from the waistband.

Rip out the seam below the pocket along the side of the leg down about 10 inches. Don't rip out the topstitch on the pocket itself. Sorry for the fuzzy pic. Cut the pants just inside the topstitch on the pocket front. Take this cut down to the end of the the pocket where it meets up with the side seam. Pull the excess fabric made when when you took out the pleats and wrap it around the pocket edge.

Carefully smooth this as you pin it in place. Pay attention to the grain of the fabric it helps that most slacks have lines , so no lines look goofy. Sew along the edge of the pocket to create a new top stitch. You will have several inches of extra fabric inside the pocket. Trim this to about 2 inches and serge or zig-zag sitch the edge to prevent fraying.

Make a cut perpendicular to the pocket on the excess fabric right at the base of the pocket. I started with about 2 inches and adjusted as I pulled and pinned the area below the pocket into place coming up in the next step. Turn the pants inside out and pin the excess fabric left from the pleats below the pocket in a smooth transition toward the knee.

Watch the grain of the fabric so no abrupt transitions are made as you pin. Turn the pants right side out before you sew to check that the transition from the base of the pocket along the outside seam is smooth. You do lose some width in the thighs with this alteration.

Most pleated pants are, by nature, a bit baggy in the thighs and the width lost isn't a problem, but be sure to try them on their owner before you sew up that side seam. Here the pants are inside out. See how much extra fabric there is below the pocket? This the transition you will be making smoother through good pinning and a smooth seam. This is a good time to have the owner of the pants around to try them on don't let them get poked by pins, though!

Once it looks good, sew it in place, meeting the base of the pocket with the long side seam. Turn the pants back right side out. I forgot to do a close-up of this step, so you are left with a zoomed-in picture. Hopefully it will suffice. Once you have done steps on both sides of the pants, pin the top back into place and get out your needle and thread.

Hand sew an invisible stitch along the base of the waist band and the base of each of the belt-loops. A simple explanation of how to do this is found here.

Welcome to the 21st century!! Clean lines and a tailored fit! My neighbor modeling his new look next to his little lady. This post is partying at these link-ups. Posted by Kelly at 4: Krista R June 6, at 5: Natasha In Oz June 20, at 5: Danielle Siero April 20, at 5: Cyndee Christman April 20, at 7: Anonymous June 3, at 3:

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Pleated Pants. Stocking a well rounded and appropriate wardrobe for everyone in the clan is simple. Remember that pleated pants are a great option for every family member—from the littlest ones to . Women's pleated dress pants are key items in any closet. Skinny high waisted pairs are perfect for the office, while a masculine silhouette will make an elegant evening outfit. See all results for womens pleated Pants. Made By Johnny. Womens Pleated Wide Leg Palazzo Pants with Elastic Band. from $ 17 54 Prime. out of 5 stars LEE. Women's Relaxed-Fit Pleated Pant. from $ 12 00 Prime. 4 out of 5 stars Conceited.