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It's really a shame because I really liked shopping at Banana Republic for work clothes, but I am done with them. Not valid on international shipments.

FREE Shipping on Orders Over $! Banana Republic Factory and Outlet Offers Modern, Refined Clothing and Accessories for Men and Women online at Discount Prices.
A: For each brand — Banana Republic, Gap, or Athleta — you may reserve a total of five items per day, all at the same store (if available) or at different locations. A separate confirmation will be .
FREE Shipping on Orders Over $! Banana Republic Factory and Outlet Offers Modern, Refined Clothing and Accessories for Men and Women online at Discount Prices.
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Banana Republic wants to hold on to people's money for 3 to 5 business days. She said, it's their policy, which is written on my return receipt which it isn't! Then she said, it could take the credit card company 3 to 5 business days to apply the credit. But it's not up to my credit card company/5().

FREE Shipping on Orders Over $! Banana Republic Factory and Outlet Offers Modern, Refined Clothing and Accessories for Men and Women online at Discount Prices.

Rewards may only be redeemed at Store Locations towards purchases charged to your Account. You can redeem up to 3 Rewards on a single transaction in store, and up to 5 Rewards online or via phone. Rewards can be combined with one promotional offer, and they can be used to purchase items on sale at any Store Location. Rewards may not be redeemed at Intermix stores, intermixonline. When redeeming your Reward, the value of your purchase must be greater than the value of the Reward s , and you must use a Gap Inc.

Rewards cannot be credited to an account, redeemed for cash or cash equivalent, applied to past purchases, or used for purchasing gift cards. If you return merchandise purchased with Reward s , the dollar value of the Reward s allocated to item s returned will be converted to Points and credited to your Account within the next 2 billing cycles.

If you did not use your Account, or if your Account is closed, the dollar value of the Reward s allocated to the item s returned shall not be refunded or credited. Additional restrictions may also apply as stated on your Reward. Employees of Gap Inc. General Terms for Using Rewards: Rewards are not transferable to anyone else and may only be used by you for your personal benefit. You cannot combine your benefits with the benefits accrued by any other Rewards Program participant.

Points and Rewards have no cash value and are purely promotional. Rewards cannot be used retroactively for prior purchases.

Unless and until you complete the Program Terms and Conditions by presenting the Rewards at a Store Location, you do not have any right, title, or interest in your Points or the Rewards. We are not responsible for lost or stolen Rewards. Upgraded accounts that are current, open, in good standing and do not become delinquent receive additional benefits when you use your card, such as:.

Select Accounts may be upgraded to a Gap Inc. Visa Signature Accounts will earn all the benefits listed above as a Silver, Luxe or Navyist Account , plus additional benefits that will be communicated to the cardholder such additional benefits may include bonus points earned for purchases, additional birthday bonuses and select benefits provided by Visa, U. We reserve the right to remove any person from the Rewards Program in the event of any fraud or abuse as determined in our sole discretion in connection with this Program.

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Cannot be used for adjustments on previous purchases. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts, including Gap Inc. May not be redeemed for cash or cash equivalent.

Returns and exchanges are subject to Banana Republic's return policy. Account must remain open, in good standing, and not become delinquent in order to receive bonus points. Points are awarded within two billing cycles.

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Can be combined with up to 3 Reward Cards, but cannot be combined with other offers or discounts, including Gap Inc. Offer subject to change without notice. Upgrades to Luxe level will be processed within 90 to days after you qualify.

Once you receive your upgraded card, you will receive additional BananaCard Luxe cardmember benefits. This offer is good for shipping only to your order's first "ship to" address anywhere in the U.

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You will earn 1 Point for every dollar in net purchases made at: Cash advances, interest charges and fees do not qualify for Points. Such deductions may result in a negative Points balance, in which case, any subsequent Points earned will be applied to reduce that negative balance. Rewards will be issued by the same brand as the Account.

I spoke to 3 different people continually being transferred from department to department. I tried to contact Banana Republic but all attempts only linked me to Synchrony. Could this be a class action suit for false business practices?

I ordered a clothing item on December I received an email on December 18 saying, "Your item has shipped! I reached Banana Republic customer service on Dec 26 and they casually commented that while the shirt was in stock when I ordered it, it "may have been lost somewhere between the store or warehouse and UPS".

I was asked if I wanted a refund. No other compensation was offered. This amounts to misleading customers. I will never order from Banana Republic again. Ordered a blazer in November and yet; I am still waiting for the delivery. This company has gone down the drain. Also, their "seasonal collection" is a repeat of the same crap year after year, the only difference would be new colors or a new button here and there. This has been going on for over 2 decades now.

No wonder their businesses are falling apart. I purchased a large number of items for Christmas gifts. They arrived with no boxes and one gift receipt. When I called customer service they said they only can do one gift receipt per order and in the future I would have to place a separate order for each item to receive a gift receipt. As to boxes - they said they couldn't tell me why no boxes were shipped but now that the order had already been shipped they couldn't do anything about it.

Tried to reach Customer service robot reply password not working. Needed to purchase gift. At first attempt the promo code worked. When I went back to add an item, promo code not working on the previous item. This website is a total sham with the promo code works five mins then nothing. Waste of people's time.

Don't get stressed with this bs website. I used to shop with them a lot, but that was 15 years ago when they still had some integrity. The clothing used to be quite decent quality. Despite of polyester and nylon everywhere at sky-high prices, I still go on their website to hunt for rare items made of wool or silk and even sometimes buy something. Lately I have purchased a second pair of light wool pants.

I thought since the first pair was wool and a nice fit, I would get a second pair just to have a backup in my closet. To my surprise the pair that arrived in the mail didn't even come close to the pants I have purchased 2 months ago.

The fabric was flimsy and you could tell bad quality and the fit was totally off! I have even compared the item number on the tags to make sure I've ordered the same pair of pants. Yup, they matched but the pants I have received were different.

I went ahead and wrote a bad review describing my experience and to my astonishment when I went online today the review was gone! I opened a credit card 5 months ago with Banana Republic, that can be used at Old Navy and Gap as well.

I have paid my balance and do not currently owe anything on the card. I tried to charge on it yesterday and was informed my account had been closed without my knowledge. I called Customer Service to inquire about the reason for this and was told they will close accounts if they feel individual credit scores are not to their liking! Even though they approved me for a credit card 5 months ago and I have paid any and all balances off Instead, now Banana Republic and Old Navy will no longer receive any of my business!

My wife went shopping at Banana Republic today. They refused to accept her money. They insisted that she use a credit card even though she was trying to pay with American dollars! What has the Banana Republic become???

Is it really a Banana Republic that won't accept American currency? I told my wife to return the item purchased and not to shop there anymore. I truly believe that their actions are unAmerican. The refusal to accept American currency is not just stupid but, I am hoping it will affect their sales and bottom line. What a horrible way to treat loyal customers.

Perhaps the Banana Republic is trying to live up to its name. I was happy with Banana Republic and remained a BR Luxe credit card owner until a recent change with their online payment portal. Starting February , the online payment portal was suddenly unavailable for login. In March, they issued new credit cards and updated the interface of their payment portal, thus wiping out all my saved account payment information as well as pieces of my mailing address.

They automatically associated my account to my login email address instead of the updated email address it has been using. From a purchase I made in March through mid-April, interest fees racked up because I was unable to log in online and never received the statements. Not to mention no emails were sent to me because somehow, the emails were sent to an old email address. I made a call to an extremely rude account rep, who told me my account is alive but they've changed my account information.

It was a nightmare. I rushed to make a payment Including late payment and fees and magically discovered this month May that it was not posted and I was charged late fees and interest fees again.

They need to step up their game. I never miss a payment and have paid in full multiple times. This company has no appreciation for loyal customers. As a reward for my timely payment history and continued business, they first lowered all three account limits as a result of an annual credit review they use to screen already open accounts.

Last month I paid all of my accounts off and this month they cancelled the banana republic card stating that the annual review of my credit report showed a high credit usage.

First of all, I am an educated and capable individual. I know exactly how much credit I have and how much of it is used. My payments on every single account that I have are always on time and often paid in full.

The fact that they take no consideration of your history on their accounts and judge you only by what they think they see on a credit report is appalling. Great way to lose customers! They send statements late to get late fees. They won't allow online access unless you give up paper.

You get your bill notice along with hundreds of shopping emails. Customer service reads scripts and just doesn't care at all -- they know we use the card for the points. I have so much Hate for the Card Service that I can no longer buy the clothes. I have been a loyal and longstanding customer of Banana Republic, Gap and Athleta for years now.

I finally took advantage of or should I say, was taken advantage of signing up for their credit card. I was lured into opening up the credit card because of the enticing rewards that would be received as a result.

I figured since I already shopped so much at their establishments anyways, that this would be a great incentive. First, I realized I wasn't receiving my billing statements in the mail, so I finally called, only to be told that I was charged a late payment because a payment had not been received.

After explaining I never received any of my statements in the mail, the customer service representative assured me the late fee would be reversed.

He also assured me that my billing cycle occurred on the 9th of every month. We both repeated this several times just so I was extremely clear. I even set a calendar notification in my phone, while I was still on the phone with the representative so that I would never be late on my payment again. Not only was I lied to about my late fee being reversed but he also lied about the date my payment was due and I was charged another late fee!!!

They scam their clients by not sending them their credit card billing statements and giving them false feedback as to when their payments are due! That way they continue to collect late fees from them. I have never been more upset or felt so cheated by a company before!

Their customer service is all outsourced and everyone I have spoken to has been incompetent and not able to do their job. I have paid my bill on time through my personal banking. Bill pay to them electronically. They say they haven't received payments. Every time I call about it and have my bank fax them the information they require they say they didn't get it. This has been ongoing for 3 months! I have called multiple times about and had the information faxed multiple times.

Do not get their credit card!!! They are obviously unable to handle basic tasks and just give you the runaround and just want to charge late fees! He never got it but someone used the gift card.

When I called Banana Republic, I was led to believe that this would be covered, particularly since I had never had a claim of any kind previously. However, their card holder, Synchrony Bank, would not cover any portion of the stolen gift card. They invited me to call their dispute center, but it's a recorded message and their promise to call back within 2 business days is bogus. I went through the procedure more than once. I did call Banana Republic customer service to let them know my experience, and though they listened to me, they had no constructive ideas for getting me any portion of my money back.

I will pay the bill since I don't want to be hounded and to have my credit rating affected. Needless to say, the credit card is already cut up and in the trash. Be aware that if you have trouble with a gift card purchased at Banana Republic, you're out the whole thing.

I was surprised, but know who NOT to do business with! These days, customer service at Banana Republic is absolutely horrible. I used two gift cards and a credit card to pay for a recent order with Banana Republic. One of the items was cancelled; this was the second item that I ordered this holiday season that was cancelled due to being out of stock.

I had emailed customer service to make sure that the amount would be refunded to my credit card as opposed to a gift card. AFTER I sent the email, I received a notification that a gift card was being sent, followed by an email from customer service with the following message: This is an unethical business practice clearly designed to cause the consumer to spend more money.

It's an insignificant amount of money, but it is the principle of the matter. How am I supposed to trust a company that not only has such poor inventory control, but employs these type of business policies? I used to shop at Banana Republic all the time, but it has steadily gone downhill since the early s. I ordered some work clothes at Banana Republic.

According to Canada Post, the package was delivered on Dec 09th and there's nothing further they can do. In fact, Canada post advises to have the sender fill out a claim. I contacted Banana Republic customer service 2 emails and a phone call and I was told because they have done a refund for me in the past, for another lost package, they can't do anything!!! That I should contact my credit card company instead. I am going to contact my credit card company to request a charge back, but I am just so frustrated because I feel as if Banana Republic just doesn't want to bother contacting Canada Post to fill out a claim and investigate this issue further.

It's not even really about the money but the principle of it all. They are essentially saying, if your packages are not delivered, you are own your own.

It's really a shame because I really liked shopping at Banana Republic for work clothes, but I am done with them. First let me say if I could rate less than one star I would. On November 28th I ordered 9 pairs of socks for Christmas gifts, paid and received confirmation of shipment to be delivered in 2 separate packages. The first package was received and missing a pair which was listed on the packing slip with the order.

I called customer service, was on hold waiting for a representative for 24 minutes, and then greeted by a rude and pretentious representative who proceeded to tell me I must wait until the second package arrives before calling back and resolving the issue with the first package even though the missing pair was listed on the packing slip for the first order I had already received.

What an utter waste of time. I then sent an email to customer service to ensure that the missing pair would come in time with the second order. A second email was sent yesterday and it has been nearly 24 hours with no response.

Also gift boxes were requested and confirmed but not sent. Sorry Banana Republic, you missed the mark on this one and a loyal customer, as I will not step foot into another location or online due to their lack of response and rude handling for my online order.

I had a BR account for 30 years--since Spent a fortune there. About 18 months ago we moved and there was not a store close by.

Banana Republic - Modern Apparel, Handbags, Shoes, and Accessories A perfectly tailored work suit, refined dress shirts, a premium handbag, the latest shoe is the destination for men's, women's and petites' apparel and accessories for any occasion. A: For each brand — Banana Republic, Gap, or Athleta — you may reserve a total of five items per day, all at the same store (if available) or at different locations. A separate confirmation will be . FREE BUSINESS DAY SHIPPING FOR LUXE CARDMEMBERS: Free shipping is subject to credit approval and valid on purchases made online at Banana Republic, Banana Republic Factory, Gap, Gap Factory, Old Navy and Athleta with your Banana Republic Luxe Card or Banana Republic Luxe Visa Card shipped to a single U.S. address. Luxe status must be current and you must enter code LUXE at .